Dusting things off

OK so I have been prompted to dust off the blog and get posting again.

Quite a lot has changed since I last posted…  the awkward legal situation has been resolved, I passed my first year (average grade of 95% – whooo!), we went camping (and everyone decided they hated it and never wanted to go again.  And we got a dog.

He is called Caesar, is as cute as a button, is 14 weeks old and weights just over 10kg… oh and he is a boxer (should have mentioned that earlier!)

And now I have started back at school for my second year – lots of  assessment, treatments, conditions etc this year…

I also had an interview for a job/practicum placement – it seemed to go well.  Hopefully I will hear back from them for a second interview/massage demo.

And that is about it – very boring, very vanilla…  but hey, that is my life 95% of the time.