Getting back in the saddle again

I know I said that I was only planning on taking a break from posting for a month or two, but it actually took me longer than that to recover, both physically and mentally.

I would not say that I am totally recovered now, but I am feeling much better, so I think it is time for me to start making more regular posts again.

There have been several changes to my life however – some minor, some more dramatic.

I am no longer with Hubby – we have been separated since October, and he filed for divorce a week or two ago.  And the girls are living with him as I am now renting a room at a friends house.

Eventually, I hope that I can change that situation and have my own place where the girls can be with me at least part of the time.  It is not the best situation as far as my mental and physical health is concerned, but it is what it is.

But for now, it is just me that I am cooking for.

I have “restarted” my AIP-journey, and gone back to the strict elimination phase.  During my period of illness, and especially when I was hospitalized, I could not eat AIP – the best that I could manage was gluten and dairy-free, and as a result my health suffered, so I felt it was time for the “restart”….

Due to very limited finances (I am not currently working due to my health issues), I have a very limited budget for food.  This means that I am having to make some compromises in what I eat, but I am trying to make them “wisely”, so that I am still eating the best possible diet for my health.  Most of the compromises include eating non-grass-fed/non-pastured meats and some non-organic vegetables.  This is done purely to make my budget stretch to cover those items that REALLY need to be organic/pastured/grass-fed.  And while not ideal, it is the best that I can manage at the moment.

The recipes that I am cooking and sharing over the next few months will no doubt reflect this.

So, if you want tips on how to manage AIP on a very limited budget, while still eating nutritionally dense, tasty food stay tuned….