Grassi Lakes – April 10th 2011

A few weeks ago, we took the kids up to the Canmore area to do some hiking.  Having perused the guidebook we had bought (Popular Day Hikes 1 Kananaskis Country and Canmore & Kananaskis Country, short walks for inquiring minds, both by Gillean Daffern), we decided that a walk up to Grassi Lakes was a firm contender.

Both feature the 3.8km return hike, listed as being easy and suitable for late spring, early summer and fall (ok so maybe it was a bit ambitious for the beginning of April but…) in the first book, it is hike number 1, in the second it is on page 17, the second hike in the book.

Having taken advice in the tourist information office in Canmore (where we were helpfully given an additional map), we took the easy route, which was the walk up the Transalta road – not as exciting as the official path maybe, but far easier going given the snow and icy conditions.  It was very slippery underfoot.  So bad in fact, that when we attempted to return via the more difficult route (under the mistaken belief that it would be easier going down), I slipped off the path at one very steep bit and fell about 10 feet, catching myself on a tree.  At that point we realised that we were being stupid trying to take the kids down this path and decided to return the way we came, promising ourselves that we would return in the summer and walk the official path when it was less hazardous.

The scenery was stunning and we took several pictures before the camera battery ran out of oomph and died on us.

I can’t remember exactly what the above mountain was called although I do remember we identified it from the map while we were there.

At one point, I got artistic and started taking pictures of some tree roots:

Then we got to the lakes, and oh my goodness were they stunning!

And finally we circled round the top of the lake to the cliff face where there were 2 climbers.  There are a number of caves (more shallow depressions) in this cliff, and I and the kids decided to climb up to one to investigate:

The Intrepid Climbers

I and A got there first

The whole gang together

It was great to get out in the open air, and we had a really fun day with the kids:

First post

I hate writing first posts on things like this…

Part of it is because I have no idea what I should write.  Part of it is because it feels kind of false.  Part of me wants to just jump in and do a “normal” post (what is a “normal” post anyway?).

Anyhow, I have no real idea what the focus of this blog is going to be –  a mix of all my interests.

So what are they?

Well I am a Mom of 4 beautiful daughters (A, C, J and B), so parenting will no doubt feature to a certain extent, as will the escapades of the girls and celebrating their achievements (lets face it, what Mom can resist bragging about her children?).  I am married to a wonderful man (we will call him I).   I have 2 cats – Joey, a very skinny grey and white beastie with the most impressive whiskers and Prince Fluffybut – a white hairy monstrosity who is quite frankly the biggest cat I have ever seen.

I cook most of our food from scratch, love cooking with a passion and am interested in “clean” eating (ie eating food in as natural a state as possible). So no doubt recipes will feature.

Being the mom of 4 messy daughters and the wife of one messy husband, housework and cleaning will no doubt feature, especially if I have a good tip to pass on.

And in my spare time I knit, crochet and sew. And I love to read. I am also something of a gaming geek – having moved on from MMORPG’s (don’t really have the time any more!), my current obsession is Fallout New Vegas on the PS3.

As a family we love to hike – during the summer months we try to get out into the mountains every other weekend, so I don’t doubt that I will post photographs and details of our hikes.  In July, we have planned a camping trip to Kananaskis so that we can do yet more hiking, planning on every day as long as the weather holds up.

Oh and I am studying to be a massage therapist on top of all that!

And because of a legal issue that we are having to go through (someone is suing I and me) there may be some posts that are not visible to the general public.  I don’t want to cause any issues with the case.  I hope that anyone who reads this will understand.