Strawberry and Mint Refresher Recipe

I try to keep what the kids drink to things that are healthy and relatively sugar -free – so I don’t buy much in the way of juices and I certainly don’t buy drinks that contain additives.  But they complain that plain old water is boring.   Usually we just flavour it with a quick squirt of lemon juice, but yesterday I decided I was going to treat them and make them some flavoured water to have with their dinner.

Partly because I had a bunch of strawberries in the fridge that really did need using up before they went too squishy.  A little soft and squishy is fine for this recipe, but you don’t want to use ones that are actually bad.

BTW do you know the trick for keeping your strawberries fresh for longer (actually it works for all berries, not just strawbs…).  Give them a quick soak in water to which you have added a big glug of vinegar.   The acid in the vinegar kills any mould spores and stops them going mouldy.  It won’t stop the squishyness however.

Strawberry Mint Refresher

makes 1 jug

 2-3 cups of sliced strawberries

1 bunch of mint

water to cover

Trim the green tops off your strawberries and slice them up.  Take the mint leaves and crush them up in your hands – the aim is to bruise them so that the flavour can infuse into the water.  Then put strawbs and mint in the biggest jug you have – mine is a 2 litre one.  Fill it up with cold water, stir well, cover in cling wrap and stash it in the fridge for several hours.


The longer you leave it, the stronger the flavour and the darker the colour.  I left this batch for about 4 hours which turned it a very pretty pale pink and gave it a subtle strawberry and mint flavour.


It is up to you if you want to strain out the strawberries and mint leaves.  I did.


And finally, pour yourself a glass of refreshing strawberry and mint water….  As you can see, we drink out of redneck glasses in our house…


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4 thoughts on “Strawberry and Mint Refresher Recipe

  1. We have a ton of frozen hood strawberres in the freezer and this looks like the perfect drink to cool down with on hot days. Thanks for the vinegar tip 🙂

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